How to Display Your Apple & Bee Wall Art

Here at Apple & Bee, we specialise in our range of wooden, eco friendly wall art, with a focus on famous quotes and motivational messages. Our aim is to bring a smile to your face and bring joy to your home, giving you the gift of happy all year round.

When it comes to displaying your art, you’ve got choices. Our wall art, look great in any room of the house. Here are our tips on how to display them for maximum effect and interior design flair.

Tips for Displaying Your Bespoke Wall Art

  • Standalone feature art 
  • Not to blow our own trumpet, but we think our quote boards look pretty good all by themselves. Currently we offer two sizes (Medium - 28cm x 28cm and Large - 39cm x 56cm) so one on its own is large enough to make a feature piece. Hang above your desk, your desk, or your kitchen counters – wherever you fancy really! 

    Read on for tips on how to hang your wall art. 

  • Part of a gallery wall
  • Gallery walls – where you mix and match tons of different artwork and photographs – are all the rage. With a dash of creativity, you can make a gallery wall in any style. If you want to add a sprinkle of motivation to your gallery wall, our quote boards are the perfect addition. 

  • Leant against a wall
  • All of our wall art is made with durable, sustainable wood. That means they’re sturdy enough to stand up! As we mentioned earlier, our boards are on the larger side which can sometimes make freestanding tricky. However, with a little support from a wall they stand up nicely. Try leaning them against the wall on top of a side table, cabinet, or unit for a cool alternative to hanging. 

  • Sitting on a picture ledge
  • A certain Swedish furniture store sells a genius invention called a picture ledge. It’s a little shelf with a lip at the front so that you can easily stand photos and art work without the fear of them falling over. We’re a big fan of these particular shelves, and our wall art looks stunning sitting on them! 

    How to Hang Apple & Bee Wall Art

    Hanging your quote board is really straight forward. 

    When you receive your order, you will find a hole in the back. Don’t worry, it’s intentional! We drill the hole there to make hanging our wall art simple and easy for you. Just use a standard screw or nail in the wall to hang your board! Voila! 

    (PSSST… We’re planning on designing a stand for our boards in the future and maybe even our very own picture ledge too! Watch this space!)

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